Chilly Glasgow!

4th Apr 2019

Am back in lovely Glasgow, freezing my tits off (proverbially speaking, you'll be glad to know).  It's timewaster central unfortunately, in that at least 50% of guys who make bookings seem to cancel, but the ones that have actually made it have been lovely to a man, so I shall be coming back soon. This cold spell though - yikes it's bitter.

Hotel is very nice too, so am having to curb my natural inclination to whinge and moan, damn it. Anyway, off to that there London next week for a couple of days, but bear in mind I'm back in the North West and can do outcalls over the weekend or on Monday. 

Bristol and other more southerly destinations are on the agenda soon and I'll post details shortly - maybe I'll actually get round to sorting it out today, you never know!